Top 5 innovations in watchOS 6

Along with iOS 13, Apple released an update for the operating system of its watches. There are not so many changes compared to the iPhone, but we scraped together five interesting innovations.

Dials. While Apple does not allow to put the dials of third-party developers, you have to be content with those that the company itself creates. WatchOS 6 introduced six new dials. Subjectively, “Sunny” is beautiful, but purely for passionate astronomy lovers; single-digit, two-digit and gradient are very simple; compact modular is good, but worse than infographics. Pleasant look “California”, but again, after the infographics lacking functionality.

Calculator. What has been asking for since the first version of the Apple Watch has finally appeared in the watch. The calculator is simple, but with the ability to calculate not only interest, but also tips (in fact, the same percentages).
App Store Previously, you could install applications on your watch only through a larger iOS device. Now on the Apple Watch, a standalone application store has appeared, programs from which you can put directly on your watch, bypassing the iPhone. True, you will have to draw the password in letters, and look for the applications themselves using dictation (well, or you can scroll through the lists). In addition, many applications still require initial configuration on the smartphone. In general, there is still a big question about the usefulness of programs for the Apple Watch.

Voice recorder. A find for a journalist or spy. The application is simple, but the sound writes with good quality. Of course, you won’t record music at the concert, but please give me interviews or voice notes. You can find records in the application of the same name on the iPhone.

Modified software. Already existing applications have been substantially updated. For example, it has become convenient to use reminders. You can create a note through dictation. The interface and functionality of “Music” has changed dramatically. Music lovers will definitely be happy, especially if they use the “For You” section of Apple Music. By the way, some firmware can now be deleted. So if you do not need Podcasts, feel free to get rid of the application. But the “Home”, “Phone”, the same “Reminders” and many, many other programs from Apple are still unkillable.

Perhaps these are the most noticeable innovations. Of those that remained behind the scenes, you can pay attention to “Noise” – a program for monitoring ambient noise. According to the idea of ​​the developers, it should protect your hearing if it becomes very loud. In practice, it’s fun, entertainment, for example, to observe the noise level in an office, apartment, car, on the street.

Also on the Apple Watch appeared audiobooks, the ability to track the menstrual cycle, a new display mode of icons in the form of a list, tapping on the wrist to notify time. The web browsing feature looks interesting. You can ask Siri to find some site – she will offer a list from which it is enough to find the necessary and tap on the “Open” button. Alas, all this works crookedly: it opens for a long time, it rarely loads, it usually crashes somewhere halfway (even concerns the official Apple website).

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