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Nearly 850 thousand people are ready to storm Zone 51. Broadcast

This day came. The Americans launched a live broadcast of the ” assault ” of the legendary Zone 51, where, according to rumors, the authorities are holding aliens, or at least fragments of UFOs.

Zone 51 is the US Closed Air Force Base. Located in Nevada. It covers an area of ​​40 square kilometers.

Satellite 51 Photo

Today, about 850 thousand people want to break through the perimeter. Thousands of National Guard, police and other emergency services lined the perimeter of the base.

Now in the USA it’s deep night, the streamers are just preparing for an attack, they have already arrived at the assembly point. Will they be able to learn at least something?

UPD : Two bloggers from the Netherlands have already been seized and sentenced to 10 days in prison for trying to get to a military base. They penetrated 4 km deep into the closed test site. Zone 51 was just 16 km away.

Tees Granzier and Govert Swape bloggers jailed

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