How to hide annoying Memoji panel in iOS 13 Messages

In iOS 13 , the Messages tab has a Memoji tab located to the left of regular emojis.

After installing iOS 13, many users started looking for a way to disable Memoji in the keyboard. But there is no such possibility in iOS 13. It is possible that it will appear in future versions of iOS 13, but for now, the tab can be temporarily hidden .

To do this, click on the clock icon , which shows the latest emoji.

After that, the tab with Memoji will disappear, but with quick scrolling to the right, it will reappear.

If you use the panel with the categories below to switch between emoticons, Memoji will not be displayed.

In this case, too, do not move quickly between categories , as Memoji will appear if you slide your finger slightly to the left of the button with frequently used emojis.

The above methods are only a temporary solution. Let’s hope that in future versions of iOS 13 it will be possible to disable the tab with Memoji.

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