Runescape Player Spends $ 62,000 In Game And Debts

The British Parliament is actively discussing microtransactions in games. As examples, there are cases when micro turned into macro. For example, in parliament, they heard a report on addictive technologies in games, due to which the son of one Briton spent $ 62,000 in the online game RuneScape. What caused serious financial damage to both parents and himself.

In 2012, the Screech of Fortune update was released in this game: players were given the opportunity to spin the wheel in exchange for armor, in-game currency and experience points. 10 spins of a wheel cost about $ 5, 200 spins – $ 100. Soon this wheel was replaced with chests with keys.

Last year, game developers reported that they received the highest income – more than $ 115 million. At the same time, a third of the company’s revenue came from 10% of players who indulge in microtransactions.

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