In Russia, a safe dose of alcohol per day was determined

The Russian Ministry of Health calculated safe doses of alcohol for Russians per day. Wine (for women) and beer (for men) were chosen as alcohol. According to the recommendations of Russian doctors, women should not exceed the bar 200 ml of wine with a strength of 12% per day, and for men – 900 ml of beer with a strength of 4.5%.

The Office proceeds from the fact that in such dosages of alcohol, in the first case, 20 g of pure alcohol is contained, in the second case, 30 g. These are respectively two and three standard portions – a measure of pure alcohol in a drink, equal to 10 in Russia. Doctors advised not drink alcohol at least two days a week.

Earlier we talked about studies that refuted the conventional wisdom about the beneficial effects of low-dose alcohol on the human body. A meta-analysis of a group of scientists has shown that the risk of death in teetotalers and rarely drinkers is about the same.


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