Flash Profoto C1 forever change your pictures on iPhone for $ 299

Profoto, a well-known manufacturer of professional studio lighting, is gradually discovering the world of lovers. Today, the company introduced two portable studio flashes, which can only be used when shooting on the phone.

Profoto promises high CRI, automatic and manual settings, the ability to control color temperature. It is noteworthy that you can “take a picture” by pressing the shutter release from the flash.

Devices are compatible with smartphones iPhone 7 and higher. The older C1 Plus model will receive more LEDs and a light output of 4300 lumens, as well as the ability to use modifiers and compatibility with wireless Profoto control.

With the Profoto C1 Plus model, a set of color filters for creative effects and light flux modifiers – honeycombs and a diffuser are also presented. For the older flash they will ask for $ 499.


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