Disney chapter on Apple: “If Jobs were alive, we would join our companies”

Executive Director of Walt Disney Co. Bob Iger is preparing a memoir about 15 years of his work in this position at one of the largest media companies in the world. The first excerpt from a future book was published on the Vanity Fair website. And there, in particular, it speaks of the relationship between Iger and Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, who died 8 years ago.

For example, it became known from memoirs that Iger found out about the return of cancer from Jobs 10 minutes before the announcement of a major deal: Disney’s takeover of Pixar in 2006.

He also mentioned that there was a hypothetical possibility of a merger between the two companies Apple and Disney: “I believe that if Steve was still alive, we would combine both of our companies. Or, at least, we would discuss this possibility very seriously. ”

Eiger recalled a moment from 2011 when Steve and his wife came to his house in Los Angeles for lunch. “By then, he had a late stage of cancer. He was terribly thin and obviously exhausted. He had very little energy, his voice was weak. But he wanted to spend the evening with us, in part because of what we had done many years ago. We sat in the dining room, raised glasses of wine before dinner. “Look what we have done,” he said. “We saved the two companies.” According to Iger, Steve was sure that Pixar refreshed Disney, gave the company a new energy.

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