Call of Duty: Modern Warfare disappeared from the Russian PS Store. Disks with the game will reach Belarus

An amazing situation has developed around the October release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Owners of PlayStation 4 consoles may be left without another part of the popular action movie. In the Russian PS Store, the game disappeared from sale, the open beta test was canceled, and for pre-orders they began to return money. There are no game discs in retail stores, and they could not be pre-ordered in Belarus. But, in the store “5 element” we were confirmed that everything will be fine.

While the publisher of the game blames for some unforeseen circumstances.

– Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we confirm that Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe will not be able to support open beta testing of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare network game in Russia. We regret this situation, but respect the Sony decision – quoted the press service of the company Activision website “Gambling.”

At the same time, the publisher assured that testing the multiplayer (from September 19 on pre-order, from September 21 for all comers) will be available for players on the Xbox One and PC (through the program). There you can buy the game after the release in October.

Sony has not yet given a clear explanation for its action. Some experts tend to associate such a feint with a negative informational background around the game, which has developed in the Russian state-run media. The game is called the mouthpiece of American propaganda.

In the Belarusian retail we were confirmed that so far no one has decided to collect pre-orders for the game. Our market is very much tied to Russian suppliers. In addition, for the majority of Belarusians their PlayStation 4 consoles are connected to the Russian online store. So the chances to play a new part of the “spell” are melting before our eyes.

Updated (September 19). New Call of Duty will appear in Belarusian stores

On the network of “5 element” stores, an Onliner correspondent was informed that the game disc for the PlayStation 4 would still reach the Belarusian market. The store has already opened a pre-order and promises that the discs with the game will begin to go on sale at the end of next month, but already in the store there is an excessive demand.

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