In which countries will the iPhone 11 be sold with two SIM cards

Against the background of the announcement of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro , many users have a question: in which models will there be two SIM-cards. Only in China and Hong Kong .

Has something changed in a year, or will Russia still have to be content with a virtual SIM card? We already know.

In which countries will the iPhone 11 with two SIM cards

Two versions of smartphones will be sold worldwide: with one (GSM and CDMA models) and two SIM-cards. Apple has already partially updated the information (on its website and, as it turned out), a model with two physical “sims” will appear again only in China and Hong Kong .

These iPhones will receive two physical SIMs :

▪ iPhone 11: A2223
▪ iPhone 11 Pro: A2217
▪ iPhone 11 Pro Max: A2220

For the rest of the world, iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max with one physical SIM and one virtual eSIM will remain relevant. That is, officially in Russia and other countries of the world there will be only eSIM.

Which models support eSIM

Already known lists of models of new iPhones. Here’s what eSIM will get around the world:

▪ iPhone 11: A2111
▪ iPhone 11 Pro: A2160
▪ iPhone 11 Pro Max: A2161

Russian models with eSIM support :

▪ iPhone 11: A2221
▪ iPhone 11 Pro: A2215
▪ iPhone 11 Pro Max: A2218

Apparently, Apple decided to pay special attention to the people of China and Hong Kong again.

In Russia, eSIM technology is not officially working yet. So those who want to use dual-SIM iPhones will have to contact the “gray” sellers.

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