Gamer called the police to an opponent. Innocent was killed. The famous gamer sentence

In December 2017, another episode of “swotting” (from SWAT) occurred in the USA. Casey Weiner lost $ 1.5 in a Call of Duty dispute. He asked Tyler Barris to make a fake emergency call to the address of the offender, but he was given a fake address. As a result, the police came to a man who was not involved in the dismantling of gamers.

Andrew Finch did not play Call of Duty, was not a gamer, and did not play for money on the Internet. Police cordoned off his home in Wichita (Kansas) because of reports of hostages allegedly being held in that house. Finch was shot on the threshold of his house when he hesitated, raising his hands behind his head.

Tyler Barris. Photo: Bo Rader / Wichita Eagle

Earlier this year, Tyler Barris, the direct performer of the emergency call, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. And now the verdict is passed to the gamer, who decided to punish the offender with “swapping”. Casey Weiner will serve 15 months in prison, he will pay $ 2,500 in damages. For two years, he is forbidden to run online games.

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