Ash from the Pokémon finally became the champion of the Pokémon League. After 22 years on air

Perhaps you remember the animated series “Pokemon”, which originated in the late 90s of the last century. As a child, we watched the adventures of aspiring Pokémon trainer Ash and his electric Pikachu. Since then, the series has continued to appear regularly; Ash still fought for the title of Pokémon League champion, but he was constantly unlucky.

And the other day in the 22nd season of the series “Pokemon: The Sun and the Moon” he was finally waiting for success, which the whole Internet celebrated . In 1999, in the original series, Ash first participated in the Champions League and stopped at the top 16 stage. Since then, he got into the final part five more times, but stopped far from the pedestal. In 2016, Kalos Ash finished second in the Champions League of the region. And finally, on September 15, 2019, he raised the long-awaited trophy over his head.

During these 22 years on the air, Ash’s age has not changed. He still remains a 10-year-old trainer, although children who started watching the series in the 90s are already around 30 years old.

For years, Ash has shown everything to new generations of young viewers that defeat is normal. And much more important is friendship and human qualities that crystallize during adventures.

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