Did you think HTC was dead? And the company is not going to leave the smartphone market

Almost nothing is heard today about the once glorious manufacturer of HTC smartphones. One would think that the company quietly and quietly left the smartphone market. But no, the Taiwanese manufacturer is alive. And although he does not feel well, he is not going to die yet.

HTC noted that the global phone market is currently crowded. More or less substantial shipments of the company’s smartphones are observed only in its homeland – in Taiwan. It is in this market that HTC is oriented, DigiTimes writes . Moreover, the manufacturer makes a bet on models cheaper than $ 300, which account for most of the sales.

HTC is getting weaker every year. Thus, the annual revenue of the company decreased by 62%. Taiwanese vendor is trying to diversify its business by betting on VR technology. It turns out with varying success.

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