Sleep during the night can be associated with a reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes.

A new study found a potential association between daytime sleep once or twice a week and a reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes, ScienceAlert writes . For this, the habits of 3462 volunteers from Switzerland were studied. Scientists for almost five years forced them to record the habit of taking a nap, and then compared it with the development of cardiovascular diseases.

According to the results of the study, it turned out that daytime sleep once or twice a week can be useful. At least in comparison with a way of life when a person does not like or cannot take a nap in the middle of the day. True, if daytime sleep occurred more often than twice a week, then its beneficial properties evaporated.

The exact physiological pathways linking cardiovascular disease and daytime sleep are not yet clear. However, this study may mean that not only the duration, but also the frequency of sleep is important. Scientists note that their study was observational in nature. And to confirm the effect, it is necessary to conduct additional experiments.

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