How is Apple Watch Series 5 different from Series 4?

Last night, Apple introduced a scattering of new devices, among which were smart watches of the fifth series (from $ 399). At the same time, last year’s watch series will disappear from sale, and the Apple Watch Series 3 will fall in price to $ 199. How do new watches differ from old ones? We explain briefly and point by point. Series 4 was remembered for improving the sleek design and introducing the function of personal electrocardiograms. Apple fans will also have a compass this year!


The first noticeable redesign of watches from Apple was waiting with the release of Series 4. The watches turned out to be more rounded and elegant than their predecessors. The novelty presented yesterday looks almost the same. Only the aluminum version of the watch is completely made of aluminum and is 100% recyclable. Series 5 is compatible with all straps from previous models.


Unlike previous models, the LTPO screen of the new product almost never turns off. It just dims a lot, and its refresh rate drops from 60 Hz to 1 Hz. It starts to work in full screen when the user raises his hand to see the time, or tap on the screen. Dimensions and resolution remained the same – 324 × 394 pixels in the 40 mm model and 368 × 448 pixels in the 44 mm model.


Despite the constantly on display, Series 5 has the same claimed autonomy as Series 4 – 18 hours without recharging. This was achieved thanks to several technologies working in tandem. The watch adjusts the resolution and refresh rate of the screen on the fly to be more energy efficient. A more sensitive brightness sensor and sophisticated power management software also contribute to energy efficiency.


Watches Series 4 and Series 5 are able to track the pulse, fitness activity, shoot an electrocardiogram. This watch has a more advanced accelerometer and gyroscope. Apple Watch Series 5 with a cellular function also knows how to call emergency services in 150 countries.

The new watch will support watchOS 6 from the box and new software features for tracking menstrual cycles and ambient noise levels. Remember, despite the fact that watchOS 6 will be available for installation on all Apple watches, some of its functions may not be available on older devices.


Apple Watch Series 5 got improved navigation tools. A lot of attention during the presentation was paid to the built-in compass, which can show the inclination, latitude, longitude and current altitude.

Apple has not in vain stopped the official sale of Series 4 watches. The novelty differs from them in a very small number of parts. However, Series 4 is still available for purchase from retailers around the world. And potential buyers will have the opportunity to save money, and not choose between an expensive novelty and a cheaper Series 3 watch. Their price in official Apple stores dropped to $ 199, while Series 5 costs at least $ 399.

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