Google Pixel 4 XL appeared on all sides in new photos

More and more images of the new generation of smartphones under the Google Pixel brand are appearing on the Internet . Devices, judging by the fresh pictures, will be noticeably different in design from the previous generation.

One of the shots shows that in the upper area of ​​the Google Pixel 4 XL there will be a rather thick line – there is no “monobrow” at all. Indentation also remains at the bottom of the display. At the back is a block with three cameras and a flash, they are framed in a black square.

The presentation of the Google Pixel 4 (5.7-inch screen) and Pixel 4 XL (6.3-inch display) is expected in early October. Devices are rumored to get a Snapdragon 855 chip and 6 GB of RAM.

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