Chinese woman sold two children and bought a smartphone

In the Chinese media and social networks, they are actively discussing the story of a 20-year-old resident of Zhejiang province. A woman named Ma was arrested after they learned that last fall she sold her own newborn children and first bought a new smartphone. What brand is not reported.

As the police found out, the children were not welcome, and the girl’s young man immediately abandoned her after learning about the pregnancy. The newly-minted grandparents refused to support grandchildren born out of wedlock. Then Ma decided to sell the children. For one she earned 45 thousand yuan, and for the second – 20 thousand. In total, it turned out about $ 10 thousand in equivalent.

After the transaction was completed, Ma bought a smartphone and paid her debts. Almost all money was spent at the time of the arrest. Police found children in foster care. The kids were well looked after, but they were seized and handed over to Ma’s parents.


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