Apple showed the new Apple Watch Series 5

Probably no other smartwatch could achieve such popularity on the market as the Apple Watch. This market remains specific, wearable electronics, unlike smartphones, unfortunately did not fire, but remains a prominent part of the Apple device ecosystem. At the presentation, Apple showed the Apple Watch Series 5.

The company began a demonstration of a new generation of smart watches with monologues of dozens of people who talked about their health problems and how the heart rate monitor helped them avoid death. This was followed by a portion of Apple customers who thanked Tim Cook and Apple for the fact that with the help of the watch they got motivation for playing sports.

The new watch will be able to listen and analyze how sound in your environment affects your health. They will receive a built-in application for tracking women’s health and menstrual cycles.

The new watch will be equipped with the innovative Always On Retina display. At full brightness, it can be returned using tap on the screen. The backlight technology allows you to work with a frequency of not only 60 Hz, but also 1 Hz, which is excellent for saving energy. The new product will have many new sensors, but it will still work for 18 hours on a single charge.

In the new generation of watches, a built-in compass will appear. The watch will support the emergency call function in 150 countries of the world.

A model in a titanium case will appear, we are waiting for the model in cooperation with Nike. The watch will be available in silver, gold, gray cases made from 100% recycled aluminum. There will be a new model in white ceramics.

A watch with GPS will cost $ 399, with a connection to mobile networks – $ 499. They will begin to act on pre-orders from September 20.

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