Apple has confirmed that Touch ID will appear in new devices

In an interview with the UK Daily Express on biometric protection for iPhone, Apple’s vice president of marketing, Greg Josviac, said Face ID will appear on other devices of the company. And Touch ID is not going anywhere.

Of course, we will continue to embed [Face ID] in more devices, but Touch ID will continue to play its role. This is great technology in our iPad line, and we don’t see it disappearing anytime soon.

Touch ID was the first basic biometric security system, and customers liked it. Changed the way people protect their device.

– Greg Josviac

Josviac claims that “Face ID is more natural and familiar to people than Touch ID,” since it unlocks gadgets with one glance.

This is an expensive system that competitors are trying to create with a single camera, but for some technical features it is almost impossible to do. [ AppleInsider.com ]

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