How to monitor mobile traffic consumption on iPhone

Advise how to monitor traffic on iPhone. I need to clearly set a limit and receive notifications as it is used.
– Denis

Hello Denis.

You can monitor traffic directly in the iOS settings. To do this, on the first day of the billing period (month), go to Settings – Cellular communication and reset statistics.

This will be the most accurate and reliable counter, but, unfortunately, the system does not allow you to set limits and display notifications.

You can use the operator’s application. All relevant programs will clearly track traffic, but with a slight delay. The application does not independently take into account the data, but only receives statistics from the operator. In some cases, you can even limit the excess of the limit.

The most convenient means of monitoring network traffic are third-party applications from the App Store. We recommend using Traffic Monitor .

The utility flexibly sets a limit for a specified period, you can shift the boundaries of the reporting period and display several notifications if the thresholds are exceeded. The main thing – do not forget to give the program all the necessary permissions at the first start.

For clarity, you can also display the widget. Unfortunately, this method will be the least accurate, iOS is a closed system and does not allow third-party applications to get all the necessary statistics.

Set a limit with a margin, and after a month check it with the statistics of the operator and adjust in the right direction.

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