Belarus received a fine of 765 rubles for updating and distributing malware

Belarus Ya. Was brought to administrative responsibility for making changes to existing malware and its distribution by imposing a fine of 30 base units (765 rubles). It is noted that Ya. For the first time committed a crime that did not pose a great public danger, admitted guilt, repented of his deed, testified about the circumstances of the crime, thereby contributing to the investigation of the criminal case.

A resident of the Minsk region found the malware on the network, made changes to it in order to unauthorized copy information, the press service of the Prosecutor General’s office reports . Then, “the accused assigned other names to the programs and set them up to function in the interests of an indefinite number of Internet users.”

The man packed software into archives, which he uploaded to file hosting services. Ya. Placed links to files on a specialized resource “for copying programs by an undefined group of people.”

I. was accused of making changes to existing malicious computer programs and their distribution under Part 1 of Art. 354 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. Based on Art. 86 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, art. 30 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Republic of Belarus and the petition of the accused, the Deputy Prosecutor General terminated the criminal proceedings, freeing J. from criminal liability in connection with the application of the administrative penalty in the form of a fine.

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