How to manage Xiaomi smart gadgets with Apple Watch

It’s time to incorporate wearable electronics into the smart home system. Let’s start with Apple branded watches and teach them how to manage Xiaomi gadgets, which almost every reader of our site already has.

Apple Watch will be able to become a real remote control for the home and replace voice control, which is not suitable for everyone.

Who is it for?

Any owner of smart gadgets and watches from Apple will sooner or later want to manage devices without a smartphone. Devices with native HomeKit support will easily be added to the Home application, but most Xiaomi gadgets will have to be connected according to this instruction.

After that, it will be possible to remotely control devices, track the status of sensors and devices in the house, or activate pre-configured scenarios with the inclusion of one or more devices.

The method is not the easiest and most convenient, but useful for periodic control when the smartphone is not at hand.

How to set everything up

1. Go to the Watch application on the iPhone, find and install the Mi Home application on the watch.

2. In the Mi Home application on the iPhone, go to the Automation – Profile section .

3. Create a new automation scenario in which the condition is triggered manually. Similarly, a button is created to activate gadgets using Siri .

Remember that you need to specify only the manual operation of the script without additional conditions. At the same time, the gadget may have other scenarios with triggers for automatic operation.

It is possible to set one button to turn on / off the device or make a couple of separate ones.

4. After that, in the application, go to Profile – View MiHome and wait for the loading of additional panels.

5. Mark all three fields and go to the Add script section .

6. Select the script that we previously created in the Automation section. You can add up to 16 scenarios to your watch. If you use each to turn on and off the gadget, then in the end you can control the same number of devices.

7. Wait a few minutes for the scripts to load onto the clock. Sometimes you have to restart the Apple Watch for the scripts to appear in the application.

8. If you want to add not a simple switch, but a device control panel, then instead of the Add script section you should specify Add action card .

It’s impossible to configure such a card in detail, the switches and the number of device control screens depend solely on Xiaomi developers.

9. You can add an information card in the section of the same name. Such cards can be added for all Xiaomi / Aqara sensors and devices with built-in meters for temperature, humidity, light, air pollution, etc.

In this case, instead of the button, we get the information panel in the Apple Watch.

How Mi Home works on Apple Watch

After setting up and loading scripts, home gadgets can be controlled right from the clock. Any of the configured devices can be not only turned on, but also transferred to the corresponding operating mode.

Of course, one more should be added to the scenario for inclusion with switching or selection of operating modes. So you can, for example, control the operation of an air conditioner, which is combined with a smart outlet or any Xiaomi lamp .

Unfortunately, when using the application on the watch there is a delay of 3-7 seconds for sending a command. In most cases, this can be tolerated, especially when the gadgets are turned on when approaching the house or when they exit it.

If you need voice control, you should use the Siri shortcut trick , and for quick and hassle-free management of all smart devices, it is better to roll them into HomeKit and control them from the Home program .

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