New iPhone XR passes Geekbench test

iPhone XR next-generation passed the test performance Geekbench .

The information indicates the model of the iPhone 12.1 with the identifier N104AP. The fact that the new iPhone XR will have just such a code name was known back in May.

The test confirmed that the next iPhone XR will have a 6-core Apple A13 processor and 4 GB of RAM . The chip clock speed will increase slightly: 2.66 GHz versus 2.49 GHz in A12.

The single-core test showed a performance increase of 13% . In multi-core mode, there is no difference between A13 and A12. The new processor scored 11,294 points. At the same time, A12 is gaining 11,192 points.

Geekbench developer John Poole explained this result by strong heating. A similar situation was with the iPhone XS and XR, so it will take a few more tests to get real performance information. [ MacRumors ]


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