The Chinese stole Warcraft heroes for their mobile game

Blizzard sues Chinese developers from Sina Games over their mobile game, Glorious Saga (Glorious World), which is “almost completely copied from Warcraft games.” The lawsuit was filed in mid-August with a California court, Polygon reports .

Blizzard demands an end to copyright infringement and compensation for serious and irreparable harm to the company and its business. For each case of copyright infringement, the company requires payment of $ 150,000 in compensation, as well as covering the costs of lawyers.

Sina Games is owned by the Chinese corporation Sina Corp. Her other games also raise questions. They see copyright infringement creators Yu-Gi-Oh! and Naruto.

– Each monster, creature, animal and vehicle in the counterfeit game was copied from the games of the Warcraft series. Amulets, weapons and other objects, sound signals and audio effects, lawyers list.

Even the game’s icon itself reproduces the cover of the Battle of Azeroth add-on.


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