Artificial vegetable “meat” was called not too good for health

Some retail chains and fast food chains have begun cooperation with Beyond Meat, a company that produces artificial vegetable “meat.” The other day, he was brought to a KFC restaurant in Atlanta, a line was lined up for “chicken” , and Subway and Burger King have long been offering such “meat” in burgers.

However, according to the head and co-founder of Whole Foods supermarket chain John Makei, it is unlikely that food from vegetable meat can be called healthy. “Look at the composition – it sverhpererabotannye ingredients”, – said he. The top manager admitted that for the environment such a product is really “more useful” (due to lower water costs for raising animals), it is unlikely for human health.

It is noted that Whole Foods has been working with Beyond Meat since 2013, becoming the launching pad for many new vegan-oriented foods.

Some experts have previously criticized vegetable meats made from processed ingredients and coconut oil. The latter is characterized by a high content of saturated fats, harmful to health.

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