Trump proposed to drop nuclear bombs on hurricanes

US President Donald Trump has several times suggested Homeland Security officials to consider using nuclear bombs to deal with hurricanes. About this publication Axios told a source who personally heard these statements of the president.

During one of the hurricane briefings, Trump said: “They are starting to form off the coast of Africa. When they move across the Atlantic Ocean, we drop a bomb in the eye of the storm, and this destroys it. Why can’t we do this? ”

According to the source, after that there was silence in the hall: “People were amazed. After the meeting, we thought: what the …? What shall we do with this? ” The US President raised the same topic in 2017.

It should be noted that the American president is not the first to put forward such an idea. Scientists believe that a nuclear explosion will not affect the formation of a hurricane. And the danger of moving the radioactive fallout is too high to conduct any field experiments.

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