The Dota winners at The International earn more sports stars

Yesterday , the winner of The International – the main Dota 2 tournament of the planet – was determined . The OG team became a two-time champion, ahead of Team Liquid. The exact amount of the prize that OG players will share among themselves is $ 15,603,133. Foreign resources considered that the fee exceeds the prize for winning the most prestigious sports.

So, if you divide $ 15.6 million per team, you get about $ 3.1 million per OG Doter. For comparison, one of the best golfers in the world, Tiger Woods, earned a modest $ 2.07 million on Masters. The champions of this year’s Wimbledon tournament, tennis players Novak Djokovic and Simone Halep, took away $ 2.9 million each, and Indy 500 race winner Simon Pazhno won $ 2.6 million.

Even the Team Liquid prize, which took second place at The International, turned out to be very solid: 4.4 million, that is, approximately $ 892 thousand per person. However, it is worth considering that the career of e-sportsmen usually lasts less than people from traditional sports.

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