The unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 12.4 has been released. How to install

The hacker group pwn20wnd has released an updated utility unc0ver 3.5.0 for hacking devices on iOS 12.4.

UPD 13.03 : 5 minutes ago version 3.5.1 was released with important bug fixes.

It allows you to jailbreak devices running iOS 11-iOS 12.4 (except iOS 12.3) and processors A7, A8, A9, A10 and A11. The program also puts Cydia and Substrate stores on.

What devices are supported


• iPhone 5s 
• iPhone 6 
• iPhone 6 Plus 
• iPhone 6s 
• iPhone 6s Plus 
• iPhone 7 
• iPhone 7 Plus 
• iPhone SE 
• iPhone 8 
• iPhone 8 Plus 
• iPhone X


• iPad Air 
• 6th generation iPad

How to install

Important : everything you do is at your own peril and risk. Apple is against jailbreaking, banking applications may stop working, and the system will become insecure.

1 . Back up your iPhone in case something goes wrong. How to do this, you can read in our instructions .

2 . If you have active updates available, delete them in Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> System .

3 . Reboot your iPhone or iPad.

Option 1. Using Apple ID

4 . Download Cydia Impactor to your computer and application from this link (Undecimus-v3.5.0.ipa). It is needed to crack the gadget.

5 . Connect the device to the computer, open Cydia Impactor, drag the application into the window that appears and enter the Apple ID data.

6 . Open Settings -> General -> Profile on the device and confirm the unc0ver profile.

7 . Open unc0ver on the desktop and click Jailbreak.

Option # 2. Without using Apple ID

1 . Open this link on the device with iOS 12.4 in Safari and select Install app .

You will have the Ignition app.

2 . Open Settings -> General -> Profile on the device and confirm the Zhunai profile.

3 . Open the application and search unc0ver in the search .

4 . Click the Get button, and then Install.

5 . Open Profile again and confirm unc0ver.

6 . Open unc0ver on the desktop and click Jailbreak.

If the application freezes, wait 2-5 minutes. Did not help? Reboot the device and try again.

That’s all, the jailbreak has been successfully installed. Remember that this is a semi-tied jail, so you’ll have to sign up for iOS again every 7 days.


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