Apple has suspended listening to Siri’s user requests with speech analysis contractors

Later, users themselves will be able to choose whether to send their voice recordings for verification, the company promised.

Apple around the world has suspended Siri’s quality control program, during which contractors listen to some user requests. About this writes TechCrunch with reference to the statement of the company.

According to an Apple spokesman, contractors received less than 1% of daily voice requests, and the recordings themselves usually lasted a few seconds. Experts evaluated whether Siri was launched intentionally or by mistake, monitored the relevance of Siri’s answers to questions asked, and so on.

Apple said it will review its quality control program. Later, the company promises to release an update that will allow users to choose for themselves whether their requests will be sent for verification.

At the end of July 2019, one of the contractors told the Guardian that employees often get notes with confidential medical information, drug transactions, and records of couples who have sex. The contractor noticed that Siri could start recording after fastening the zipper on clothes, and when wearing the Apple Watch immediately after raising her hand.

In July 2019, Google found itself in a similar situation when reporters received records of calls to Google Assistant from several contractors. The company began an internal investigation into the leak. Google also temporarily stopped listening to records of Google Assistant users in the European Union at the request of the German regulator, who began his own investigation.


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