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Priyanka Chopra: How can UN ambassadors support the war?

Priyanka has been an UNICEF ‘good will’ ambassador since December 2016


ollywood and Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is also the UN goodwill ambassador to UNICEF, and is expected to deliver a message of humanity and neutrality to the world.

But in the wake of the recent tension between India and Pakistan, Priyanka is facing considerable criticism for supporting India’s airstrikes on Pakistan.

Priyanka has also visited UN-based UNICEF ‘Good Will’ ambassadors for war-torn Syria and Rohingya refugee camps, but last Tuesday she appeared to support Indian airspace violations and attacks.

Using the hashtag of Indian Armed Forces, he tweeted, ‘J Hind’.

According to the rules given by the UN for the post of ‘Good Will Ambassador’, these ambassadors are expected to ‘avoid the UN’s neutrality and freedom by doing anything that the United Nations does. Reflect negatively. ‘

Social media users did not like the support of Priyanka’s Indian military attack. And numerous consumers have been demanding to remove Priyanka from the ‘Good Will’ ambassador tag by tagging Yoann and UNICEF.

One such person is Fatima. Fatima tweeted, tagging UN, “Can UN withdraw diplomacy from Priyanka?”

She further says that no forum gives the celebrity a chance to talk about human rights.

Fatima even said that Priyanka, who apparently says that I work for the rights of children, should study the effects of war on children.

Pakistani actress Armina Khan looked shocked at Priyanka’s tweet and asked, “Aren’t you the goodwill ambassador of UNICEF?”

Armina then urged social media users to take a screenshot of Priyanka’s tweet and remind them of their double standards when they talk about peace and goodwill in the future.

And so, some people have even started a ‘petition’ to remove him from the post, which has been signed by more than thirty thousand people.


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