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Priyanka Chopra: Goodwill Ambassador to UN Supports Nuclear War?

UN goodwill ambassador to the United Nations, Priyanka was expected to convey a message of humanitarian and neutrality to the world. GETTY IMAGES

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has once again embraced Twitter in Pakistan and she says in English that ‘All for the Rang Reasons’ seems to be something similar.

You will remember that this year when India and Pakistan reached the brink of war in February, Priyanka Chopra, who is also the goodwill ambassador of UN agency UNICEF, said in a tense atmosphere of the Indian Army. Were supported.

Using the hash tag of Indian Armed Forces, he tweeted, ‘J Hind’. It had received criticism from all over the world, and the reason was that as a UN goodwill ambassador, people 

Aisha-Malik, an American-born Pakistani woman, was referring to a tweet in support of her fight while she was answering questions at a boutique event between bloggers, influencers and celebrities in the US city of Los Angeles yesterday. Do you ask, ‘Are you the UN Goodwill Ambassador and you are supporting a nuclear war between two neighbors?’

Ayesha added that no one wins in such a war and you have millions of fans in Pakistan who are very upset with your tweet.

Forward from @WeinbergLindsay’s Twitter post

In another video made during the same event, it can be seen that two security personnel snatch Mike from Aisha before the question is completed.

Priyanka didn’t object to snatching Mike from Aisha but she could be heard saying, ‘I heard (question). Whenever you end up getting rid of crap … ‘

At the same time she says, ‘I have many friends in Pakistan and I am from India. I do not like war but I am patriotic and I believe there is a middle way on which we have to go … The way you mounted me … Don’t cry. We are all here for love. Don’t scream. ‘

Aisha Malik is a Pakistani-American who offers useful tips for curly hair on her YouTube channel.

Some in the audience play claps and whistles, but to the rest of the Priyanka, hearing such words from her mouth may cause the snake to smell.

Aisha, who dared to ask Priyanka this question, later tweeted, “I am the girl who screamed at Priyanka.”

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He added: ‘It was very difficult to hear from their mouth that we are neighbors and we should love each other. India Pakistan was in danger and you supported the nuclear war.

While social media users appear to admire Aisha’s bravery, Priyanka is under severe criticism.

Where Twitter user Tasha Kundi praises Aisha’s bravery, she is angry that Priyanka did not allow Aisha to ask the whole question

Ayman Rizvi says war is not a “middle way” for those working for women’s rights. The war is violence against women and other backward groups.

Ma’am says it’s like you say, ‘I’m not racist because I have so many black friends.’ In another tweet, he said that not only Priyanka was behaving dishonestly with a Pakistani girl and tried to make her look insane but also insane.

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Some people are tagging the UN and asking how is Priyanka so good an ambassador so far? While not only Pakistan but people across the border did not like Priyanka’s reaction.

“I am Indian and I think Priyanka’s reaction and comments in support of the war are intimidating,” wrote a user named Nada. We all (Indians) do not hate Pakistan or want war


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