US tightens trade permit with Huawei as China refuses to buy agricultural products

The trade war between China and the US is not going to subside. After the next tariff threats from the United States, China refused to purchase American agricultural products. In turn, the White House is delaying the decision to issue licenses to American companies to restart cooperation with Huawei, the business publication Bloomberg reports .

Last week, US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross reported that his agency has already received 50 applications from US companies, but a decision has not yet been made. Only with a license, US companies can establish cooperation with Chinese Huawei, which fell into the black list of the country’s Ministry of Commerce as threatening national security.

Earlier, President Trump announced his intention to introduce a new 10 percent duty on $ 300 billion of Chinese imports from September 1. He also noted that the situation with Huawei is not the subject of a trade war. However, the fate of Huawei in the US (and not only) market remains in question.


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