Students in China assemble Kindle and smart speakers at night to achieve production goals

In the hands of the British edition of The Guardian , the documents of the contracted Chinese manufacturer Foxconn fell. According to their content, 16-year-olds are attracted to work in the assembly shop at night and overtime. This is a violation of Chinese labor law. Children collect smart Amazon Alexa speakers.

According to the document, schoolchildren and students of technical colleges pass through the sheets as trainees. Their teachers, who attend as escorts, also receive a fee. They are asked to encourage students to agree to work overtime.

About 1000 teenagers from 16 to 18 years old are employed in factories. They work during the peak months of production. At this age, they are allowed to work in factories, but it is forbidden to be on the line during night shifts and overtime.

Foxconn responded quickly to the leak. The company said that schoolchildren were illegally employed and the situation will be corrected in the near future.


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