“Maybe it will be released before Half-Life 3”: journalists “celebrate” the anniversary of the announcement of the Galaxy Home column

Samsung announced its own smart speaker exactly a year ago, and since then nothing has been heard about it. GMSArena reporters reasonably note that the company is not particularly spreading about its gadget, however, it notes that the project is not dead and will still see the light of day. However, at a conference held on August 7, nobody remembered Galaxy Home.

A smart speaker with a Bixby voice assistant was supposed to captivate users not only with its unusual shape, but also with cool features like directing the sound stream directly to the listener. But given such a meager amount of news, Samsung is likely to have some difficulties in the production of the gadget.

Now, the estimated release date has been postponed to the third quarter of 2019, although Galaxy Home was due out in April this year. One can only hope that by the time it enters the market, the column will not be completely out of date.


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