Prisma founders launched Capture group messenger with chats based on camera or location image.

The application has public and private group chats, channels and one-on-one chat with a random person.

The creators of the photo service Prisma Alexey Moiseenkov and Aram Hardy launched the social service Capture . 

Capture is group chats created based on the objects that the user is pointing at the camera of the smartphone. For example, if a user directs a camera onto a TV, the algorithm will offer him chats on “what to see”, and if on a computer, chats from the IT community.

Prisma founders launched Capture group messenger with chats based on camera or location image.

The application has chat recommendations based on user geolocation, news or events (concerts or exhibitions) that take place nearby. Users can also join the discussion of movies, music and other topics.

We believe in a narrow Internet space where everyone can find their own community and discuss absolutely any topic. With the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, we can offer relevant chats by analyzing the image from the camera or the location of the user.

Alexey Moiseenkov Co-founder and CEO Capture

While the application is available for iOS, the Android version promises to be released within a few months. There is also a web version, now it allows you to continue the communication started in the application on your smartphone. In the future, the web version will complement the script for discussing news and content, says Moiseenkov.

You can use Capture without registering and linking an email address or phone number — in this case, the user can choose any name for himself and start communicating. But to restore access or log in with your username on another device, you need to bind the mail.

In a world where the user is equal to the data, we use a slightly different approach. We basically do not store data for more than a day, and you can even log in to Capture using a simple nickname, which makes the entry threshold attractive for everyone.

Aram Hardy

Co-founder and Capture Marketing Director

The user can create an open for all chat or private, in which others can get only at the invitation of the administrator. Users cannot delete their messages – only the creator and the chat administrators have this option.

There are no friends or private messages in Capture, instead the application offers chat rooms, where the user is connected to a casual interlocutor in private conversation.

Capture has channels – they are suitable for brands, bloggers and authors who want to share their content, says Moiseenkov. Channel creators can share content, and subscribers can comment and discuss publications in threads.

About plans to monetize the service in Capture do not yet speak.

Alexey Moiseenkov and Aram Hardy founded Capture Technologies in June 2018 after they left Prisma. The third founder and technical director of the company is Oleg Illarionov, a former developer of VKontakte, who created Snapster and Vinci services. Company offices are located in California and Moscow.

At the start, Capture Technologies raised over $ 1 million from General Catalyst, KPCB, Group, Social Capital, Dream Machine, Floodgate and elefund. The cost of developing the service in the company does not disclose.

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