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Biologist saw blogger selling dirty water from his bath

Recently, an Instagram model named Belle Delphine announced an unusual merchandise: she sold for thirty dollars a jar of water that remained after her bath. But the user of Reddit caught the adventurous girl in deception.

The man immediately announced that he was a biologist. The specialist got confused and carried out a DNA analysis of the water – the guy didn’t specify where his fluid sample came from, which allegedly contacted the blogger. It turned out that there are no traces of human DNA there, which means that the girl did not splash in it.

The biologist seriously asserts that there can be no mistake. Thus, the basis for filing a class action lawsuit from deceived buyers appeared.

The specialist is ready to provide a sample of water for third-party testing in the laboratory.

Earlier, about fifty people said that they had caught herpes after drinking the soapy water they had bought from Belle Delphine.

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