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Fresh Spiderman earned $ 580 million worldwide

In the States, the long weekend ended, during which a new superhero blockbuster “Spider-Man: Away from Home” dominated on the cinema screens. During this time, the picture collected $ 185 million at home hire, and in the whole world – $ 580 million, writes Business Insider .

At the same time, Sony assumed that in six days the company would be able to earn $ 125 million on a new film. But the audience went to the cinemas for Spider more easily.

On the various aggregators, the assessments of the film “Spiderman: Away from Home” are noticeably different. So, on Rotten Tomatoes, the picture was approved by 96% of viewers, on Metacritic – 8 points from users and 69 from critics, on IMDb – 8.1 points, on Kinopoisk – 7.6 points.


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