Diablo 4 has already been shown on the inside Blizzard presentation

Most likely, this fall we will witness the announcement of the new part of Diablo. Since the game has already been presented at one of the company’s internal events. This was reported in passing by the publication Le Monde, which was preparing a material on abbreviations in the European office of Blizzard.

– The teams at Blizzard Entertainment have already been shown the long-awaited Diablo 4. They are also aware of the development of a new game on Overwatch. But none of these games will be released before 2020, – writes aFrench journalist.

It is possible that the first public demonstration of Diablo 4 will take place this fall at the BlizzCon 2019 festival. Still, companies need to launder their name after a failed demonstration of the mobile Diablo at last year’s festival.

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