FedEx apologized for the failure to deliver a Huawei smartphone to the US

Last week, PC Magazine reporters tried to send a Huawei P30 from their UK office to an American smartphone, but the package returned a few days later. The inscription on it said that the package will not be delivered because of US sanctions against Huawei. For what reasons, FedEx decided to join the “economic war” against the Chinese company, at that time it was not known.

As noted by The Verge, the actions of FedEx can not be explained by laws – both American and British. PC Magazine did not begin to sort things out, but used the services of a competitor FedEx – the UPS service. There, without question, they took a smartphone to be sent to the USA.

At the weekend, there was a reaction from FedEx, which admitted that the refusal was unfounded and was a mistake. The company apologized and in an official statement stressed how many packages it sends every day – 15 million per day. It also notes that the paper attached to the package is not standard for FedEx and needs to be studied.


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