Photos that surprised the world. Life before birth and the fatal battle in the ring

In the new selection of two iconic photographs for the whole world, we will show a couple of shots behind which there is something more hidden than it seems at first glance. So, on one of the shots depicted a beaten man. In fact, this “face”, which has become a symbol of great misery, which the thirst for glory can do. The second photo has become an icon for opponents of abortion. However, if they knew the background to the appearance of the picture, they would hardly be happy.

The Last Fight (1983)

In the early 1980s, Billy Collins, Jr., nicknamed Irishman, was a rising star of boxing. By 21, this guy had 14 professional welterweight fights, won all, and in 11 fights – by knockout! The young man had a bright career and a champion title. That all changed on June 16, 1983, when the Irishman seemed to be waiting for a bout with Puerto Rican Luis Resto.


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