Scientists: cell phones do not lead to the growth of “horns” in children

In a number of media outlets, information appeared about a study conducted by Australian scientists, which describes an unusual phenomenon – the growth of bone growths on skulls among young mobile phone users. However, there is a pair of “but”: research data appeared a few years ago; no horns and horns in children because of smartphones can not grow.

In the original study, as well as later, its authors describe the changes that occurred with the human skeleton over time (there was also mentioned a growth in the back of the head). Such changes are dictated by the environment, type of activity, gender of a person, the presence of injuries, genes, in the end.

However, they recently decided to supplement the findings by putting forward a hypothesis: one of the bone processes in the back of the head is an adaptation response of the body to the constant use of various wearable and portable gadgets.

Anthropologists, seeing messages in the media about the “growth of horns in the younger generation,” took hold of their heads. Scientists cite many arguments against the hypothesis and point to the huge “white spots” in the study. As evidence, they cite data about turtles from the Middle Ages, which also have a similar “horn” – its appearance (or, on the contrary, decrease) is dictated by many factors that simply cannot be associated with smartphones.

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