Disclosed prices for NVIDIA RTX Super video cards

Resource Wccftech received data on recommended prices for NVIDIA RTX Super video cards – the cheapest RTX 2060 Super (based on the 2070 chip) will cost $ 430, which is significantly more expensive than the version without the super prefix. Probably, this will affect the sales of the graphics accelerator – buyers will continue to acquire “ordinary” video cards.

RTX 2070 Super will go to retail chains for $ 600. The video card is based on an unblocked, overclocked (as is the case with the RTX 2060 Super) chip, but already from 2080. The RTX 2080 Super was priced at $ 800. The video card is based on an unlocked, overclocked 2080 Ti chip. These two options look much more interesting from the point of view of price, but only recommended – the reality (first of all, Belarusian) will certainly make adjustments.

For clarity, Wccftech has published a table that compares the recommended prices for new and current NVIDIA graphics cards.

The official announcement of the GPU will be held on June 21, as previously reported .

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