In Russia, the official was dismissed, who arranged the FIFA 2019 tournament for half a million dollars

The General Director of the Directorate of sports and entertainment events in the city of Moscow, Alexander Polinsky, left his post. This happened after the FIFA 2019 tournament, which, according to Russian media, came from 10 to 15 spectators. The organization and holding of the Moscow Cyber ​​Cup was allocated 37.5 million Russian rubles (about $ 580 thousand).

“I left my post. I can’t give any more comments ”,  –  reports the words of Polinsky“ RIA Novosti ”. He did not specify what his resignation is connected with.

The organization was previously called a failure. As the resource wrote , on Twitch the average number of spectators at the tournament is about 60-80 people. The event was held at MSC CSKA Arena. Such a huge arena in Moscow may be needed only for two games: Dota 2 or CS: GO. And then, provided that the best world teams will perform on it, the newspaper reported.

According to Cyberslovo, the tournament was originally supposed to be international, the organizers invited e-sportsmen from the Netherlands, America, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. But then the Moscow Cyber ​​Cup became exclusively Russian.

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