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Jordan Peale explained what he wanted to say in “We.”

The dualism of America and the ephemeral nature of the soul.

After the release of the horror “We”, its director Jordan Peale spoke little about the film in an interview, and in particular did not touch its main idea. However, the blu-ray edition of the tape included the bonus film The Duality of Us, in which the director explained what he wanted to say.

One of the main ideas is that we can do a good job by ignoring privileges. I think that the thought that we deserve something comes to us at the cost of someone’s freedom or joy. The greatest misconception that we can serve as a community with a collective privilege, like the United States, is to believe that we deserve it, as if it is not luck, that we were born where we were born.

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Peel thinks that while some people have benefits, others suffer. The director called to fight for those who are “less fortunate.”

In “We,” this dualism of society is expressed as the action Hands Across America – the inhabitants of the country must stand up, holding hands. As planned, the “living chain” will stretch from one coast of the continent to the other.

On the one hand, it’s beautiful, right? We all get together. All hold hands. And somehow it must overcome hunger. The illusion of belonging, the fact that we are truly changing the world, removes our responsibility for real change.

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Speaking about the name of the picture, the director said that it could have several meanings. The pronoun “we” suggests that there are conditional “they.”

All of us and our twins share the same soul. We have a connection that did not always exist. I describe it as a kind of poetic connection. Fate and the magic of the soul do not work under the laws of science, so the concept does not justify the expectations of the creators.

Jordan peel producer

The premiere of “We” took place on March 22, 2019. Critics greeted the film positively: on Metacritic, its score is 81 points out of 100.


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