Xiaomi introduced real-time AI translator

Xiaomi has announced the release of the device Mi AI Translator, which is able to translate words into thirty-four languages ​​in real time.

The device looks like a very fat smartphone. The screen diagonal is four inches, the aspect ratio is 16: 9. The gadget weighs 134 grams. It is not known exactly which processor is used: it is said only that it is multi-core, made according to the 12 nm process technology and operates at a frequency of 2 GHz. The amount of RAM is 2 GB in the case of the version of 16 GB of storage, and when choosing a space of 64 GB, get 3 GB of RAM. The device can recognize through the camera signs or labels and translate them.

The Mi AI Translator has already installed the Oxford and Collins dictionaries, as well as three Chinese dictionaries. The device supports offline translation in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and German.

The price of the initial version without LTE will be $ 72, and with a 4G module, the cost will rise to $ 144.

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