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“Talent Thompson Wasted” – critics about “Men in Black: International”

What reporters blamed for restarting the franchise.

On June 12, a film entitled People in Black: International was released in Russia, which should serve as a sequel and at the same time a soft restart of the People in Black franchise. The main roles are played by Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, familiar to the viewer in the film “Thor: Ragnarok.”

We chose the most important of the reviews of foreign critics.

“Talent Thompson Wasted” – critics about “Men in Black: International”

Peter Debriug of Variety calls the soft-reboot “less connected” than the previous trilogy. According to him, the creation of a new film in the franchise, which was almost entirely tied to the charisma of the two leading actors, is a very difficult task, but Thompson and Hemsworth cope with their duties well.

Debruzh believes that the film becomes interesting only at the moment when the characters meet each other, and form among themselves a special “chemistry” – the character Thompson tries to impress and even surpass his more experienced partner.

According to the journalist, the director of People in Black: International is not capable of realistically combining live actors and computer graphics in the frame, and as a result Thompson and Hemsworth constantly look as if they are looking not at aliens, but at empty space. On some streets of London and Paris there are incredibly few people, on others there are many, but the crowd behaves unnaturally. Practically in all that concerns the technical performance, the film, according to the critic, fails.

The script also does not shine neither originality nor humor. According to Debruzh, the film is saved only by the chemistry between the main actors and the undoubted comedic talent of Chris Hemsworth, which the studios began to use only recently.

According to Eric Cohn from IndieWire, “People in Black” do not even try to get close to the atmosphere from “Thor: Ragnarok”, a comedy film about alien worlds, which gave popularity to the acting duo Hemsworth and Thompson. The critic himself considers the duet to be excellent, but the actors have nothing to work with – the script pays too much attention to plot twists and is filled with unfunny jokes.

The character Thompson, according to the critic, has an interesting background, and the character Hemsworth is, in fact, “Thor in a suit with tie”, to watch these heroes is to some extent interesting. But on the whole, the film obviously failed – if in the third “People in Black” there was an unexpected story about time travel and nostalgia for the 60th, then International cannot offer the viewers anything new or interesting.

The blockbuster director F. Gary Gray succeeds in making movies with non-stop action much better, like Fast and Furious 8 or “Italian-style Robbery.” But the world of the film People in Black: International clearly demanded more attention to its bizarre inhabitants and to the tone that they created. Instead, they [aliens] just hang out in the frame, like someone left the franchise symbols from the 90s, which did not need a reboot.
Eric Kohnjournalist IndieWire

Todd McCarthy from The Hollywood Reporter believes that the best element of the film is Tessa Thompson. His main advantage, in turn, is that now the actress will receive more roles in blockbusters. As far as everything else is concerned, everything is not so rosy.

On the one hand, the film has a sense of style, and the dialogues in it “fit the source material.” On the other – the script is sprayed on everything, and as a result the film lacks mood and atmosphere. If the journalist has no complaints about the Thompson game, then, in his opinion, Hemsworth is a bit overdone; and the final picture of the critic seemed overly prolonged and not capable of evoking emotions.

Darren Frenich, Entertainment Weekly journalist, was extremely disappointed with thenew film. In his opinion, in this “terrible” reboot, there is not only the style of the old “Men in Black”, but there is no style at all. Although, in his opinion, the film is still better than the second part.

The critic expresses annoyance at the fact that Tessa Thompson’s talent is wasted in vain because of the terrible scenario. He gives examples of extremely hackneyed phrases that would be appropriate only in the film from the 90s, and offers to play in a special “cliche bingo” while watching.

Who still writes like that ?! Apparently, screenwriters Art Macroom and Matt Holloway. Sorry, guys, people should know.
Darren FrenichEntertainment Weekly journalist

The journalist was also asked questions of plot, humor and inappropriate product placement.

Oh, my God, only now it dawned on me: they are called Agent H and Agent Em. H & M. Never underestimate how much this Ray-Ban franchise is trying to sell to you.
Darren FrenichEntertainment Weekly journalist

At the time of this writing, the movie rating on Metacritic is 41 points.


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