CD Projekt RED agreed to give the hospital a game stand instead of playing a fan

Microsoft’s presentation at E3 was remembered primarily because of the Poles from CD Projekt RED: the studio showed a new action trailer Cyberpunk 2077, one of whose heroes was Keanu Reeves. After the actor came on the scene and began to talk about his participation in the game, but one of the spectators interrupted him with a shout: “You are amazing!” Reeves answered the same, calling everyone in the audience amazing. But the story is not over.

CD Projekt RED decided to encourage a brave guy named Peter Sark and offered a collector’s version of Cyberpunk 2077 as a gift. However, the gamer refused and came up with another idea: it is better to donate to the children’s hospital GO Kart – a gaming station (cost about $ 3,500), designed specifically for hospitals where little patients can have fun.

Now it became known that CD Projekt RED agreed: the representative of the company entered into correspondence with the player and promised to organize everything:

On the Internet, people’s opinions were divided: some responded positively to the gamer’s idea, while others decided that it was PR and actually made the company spend $ 3,500 instead of the less expensive collectible version of Cyberpunk 2077. But Peter answered that for him the story with the children’s hospital was personal: twelve years his sister died of leukemia back, and the guy wanted to thank the hospital for the good attitude to the patient and family.

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