Mac Pro for $ 6000, a monitor for $ 5000 and a stand for $ 1000 you can buy in September

Not a recent WWDC 2019 conference, Apple made a number of high-profile announcements. Recall, for example, a Mac Pro that costs $ 6000 or a Pro Display XDR monitor, for which you have to pay $ 5,000. And almost a golden stand for him for a thousand? Finally it became known when you can buy all this.

Earlier, Apple was limited to vague wording “this fall.” However, Macrumors found : if you click on the subscription button for notifications on the device sales start page, September is mentioned in the pop-up window. It is possible that sales of the new Mac Pro and the display will begin the day after the presentation of the updated iPhone. That is somewhere in the middle of the first month of autumn.

A bug or feature in Apple was promptly fixed. Currently, there is not a single mention of September on the company’s website. Everything has returned to the previous wording about autumn.

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