iPhone XR 2 will get the most capacious battery among “iPhones”

There are rumors in the network that the supplier of batteries for the iPhone XR 2 will be the Chinese company ATL. She is known for supplying batteries for Galaxy Note 7. Not those that exploded, but those that came to replace the explosive. So, in the network they write that the capacity of the future iPhone XR 2 battery will be 3110 mAh.

This is only 5% more than the predecessor in the face of the iPhone XR. But along with the new A13 processor, which can be made using energy-efficient 7-nanometer technology, this can provide a noticeable increase in autonomy.

iPhone XR and so is one of the best smartphones Apple in terms of autonomy. In the PhoneArena test , he lived for 11 hours with the screen on.

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