How to set a 4-digit password on iPhone instead of 6-digit

How to set a short password on iPhone in order to enter it faster if the Touch ID or Face ID fails?

When you first set up your iPhone, the system prompts you to set a 6-digit unlock password.

Not all users know that the password can be made more complicated or, on the contrary, simpler.

How to change password complexity in iOS

1. Go to Settings – Face ID (Touch ID) and passcode .

2. Confirm entry by entering the unlock password.

3. Press the Change password button and re-enter the valid code.

4. Before entering the new password, press the button Settings code-password .

Here you can choose as a more complex version of the password, which can consist of any number of letters, numbers and symbols, or a simpler password of four numbers.

Please note that a short password is less secure than a long one.

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