Doom Eternal will be released on November 22, The Elder Scrools VI is not brought. What did Bethesda show at E3?

Early in the morning or late at night, as it is convenient for anyone, in Minsk time, Bethesda held her own solo event at the E3 exhibition. The company brought both new games and told more about the already announced projects. In particular, the release date was acquired by the game Doom Eternal . She will be released on November 22 this year.

The collector’s edition of the game will include Dumgai’s helmet, as well as a subscription for two story additions.

The creators of Dishonored showed the dynamic trailer of the game Deathloop about two characters who are trying to kill each other on an isolated island.

In the fall of 2019, a free add-on for Fallout 76 called Wastelanders will be released . This will be a plot update in which the NPCs will finally appear. From 10 to 17 June in Fallout 76 will be available for free. Also, the game will bring a new Nuclear Winter mode , which will be available during this period. A kind of “royal battle” for 52 players.

In the fall, Elder Scrolls: Blades will be released on the Nintendo Switch. The game will support motion control. The game will be free and will support cross-play with a mobile version. Progress on the mobile and switch versions will be common.

The creators of Evil Within brought a new title to the exhibition – Ghostwire Tokyo . In this adventure action, the player will have to investigate the disappearance of people in Tokyo.

To complement The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr , released in early June, showed a continuation trailer. And also announced the addition of Dragonhold with four plot tasks. Addition Scalebreaker adds two dungeons to the game.

For the uncertain start, Rage 2 was shown a supplement that would expand the pool of factions, weapons, and vehicles.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood also got a new trailer coming out on July 26th .

Bethesda also decided to go into cloud gaming, introducing the breakthrough technology Orion. As proof, the company showed streaming Doom (2016), which on the smartphone went to 4K with 60 frames per second.

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